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According to government regulations, it is mandatory for property owners in many municipalities to have their backflow assemblies tested and reported by a certified backflow tester annually. They are required to install backflow preventers that avert water from reversing back from their properties to the city pipeline, thus, avoiding contamination. This helps ensure safe and healthy drinking water to all. New Gen Mechanical Ltd. is a certified backflow tester in Surrey, extending services to Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, and Metro Vancouver area.

Having lots of industry experience, we provide professional backflow testing, installation, and repair services to residential and commercial clients in Metro Vancouver. We are committed to keeping your drinking water safe and thus, provide expert consultation to educate you and how to minimize the risks of contaminating public or private water supply. Our technicians are certified backflow testers and approved to inspect, test, install, and repair all kinds of backflow preventers and devices.

We are a trusted choice for backflow testing, installation and repair, offering a wide spectrum of services that encompass:

  • Testing
  • New Installation
  • Repairs & Maintenance

Complying with backflow prevention norms is imperative for residences, commercial, and industrial properties. Consult us for hassle-free, efficient, and professional backflow testing, installation, and repairs.


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